Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog CPR. Or 7 random factoids about yours truly

Poor neglected blog who was meant to keep all my treasured thoughts & ideas and provided an outlet to vent, express & emote, why did i leave you unattended all this time? It's time to revive you with a meme that i pinched from jfox's blog listing 7 random facts about moi-self, which funnily enough happens to be one of my favourite subjects! How about that!?

So here goes:

1. I'm lefthanded meaning I join the ranks of the elite few who are have astounded humankind with their varying brands of excellence and brilliance. I think it's only natural that I would be a member of this club!

2. Whoever meets me, particularly if it happens to be during summer, would find out that I have a pathological fear of thunderstorms. This fear can sometimes affect my ability to do everyday things if a storm is brewing in the vicinity. If a storm is occurring, I try to find a place where I can huddle until the storm passes; if I ever become a homeowner and I have money to burn, I will invest in a bunker for this very purpose. Yep, i'm a freak.

3. Funnily enough and given factoid (2), I am a big fan of the BOM website and can spend hours checking out the weather radar. If there's a freaky storm on the way (irrespective on whether i live in that city or not), I will know about it and track it with the BOM radar (on loop, of course!). I also love weatherzone's lightning tracker function, it's sooooo cool....ok i'll just stop here.

4. One of my absolute pet hates is when drivers do not give me the acknowledgement wave when I let them through during heavy traffic or in narrow streets. I totally *love* the acknowledgement wave, they are in my opinion a vital element in a civilised society and not getting them makes me feel like I was robbed in some ways. When i don't get the wave from other drivers, little cumulonimbus clouds start forming above my head, ...which is kind of weird given point (2), but nevertheless this type of rudeness brings out the misanthrope in me (though I should point out, not enough to turn me into a road raging porkchop just to set the record straight).

5. Speaking of misanthropy, some human behavioural characteristics (see point 4) really bring out the curmudgeon in me, making me harbour really grey thoughts about humankind in general on some days. Kids though are ok in my books.

6. I love conspiracy theories. Love. Them. I am convinced that every historical event in the 20th and 21st century has been orchestrated somehow by someone to deliberately keep things going on a particular course. Once a conspiracy theory gains (relative) mainstream acceptance, however, I lose interest. For example, during the 2003 US-led war in Eye-rak, there was worldwide outrage on how it was such a blatant ploy to get american mitts on Eye-rakian oil. To me that just seemed too obvious, and therefore too boring, to be true. Alas even if i was to be proven wrong in the end.

7. I find eye contact to be a really confronting, intimate and sometimes even intimidating thing. This may sound counter to what I was saying in point (4) because being acknowledged, whether on the road or elsewhere, can be dependent on non-verbal cues such as eye-contact; however, when someone levels a pointed gaze at me for a period that may start to feel arbitrarily prolonged, I can't help but look away out of slight discomfort. Mind you, I also don't have time for people who don't maintain an acceptable level of eye contact with me when I am conversing with them - it's just plain rude and makes me highly suspicious (& dismissive - see point 5) of them! As a social cue though, I am pleased to say that I am learning new and interesting things about it, such as the fact that it is customary (well at least in Europe) to look a person in the eye when you share a drink with them and do the clinking of glasses ok, maybe i am the only uncouth and uncivilised one who didn't know you were supposed to do that.

Anyway, these are a few random factoids about me, if you want to vent, express & emote too then give it a go too.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's time...

After 11 long years, four elections, let's hope the Australian public finally gets it right (or left?) today.

Legacies of the Coalition government?

- tampa/children overboard debacle

- strengthened border security measures
- detention centre fiascos
- involvement in Iraq
- abolition of compulsory student unionism
- introduction of full-fee paying university places (>$100k degrees)
- AWB scandal
- private health insurance rebate scheme
- citizenship tests
- cross media ownership legislation
- copyright law amplification
- sedition and anti-terrorism bills
- 'Little Children' bill that requires relinquishment of land title/ownership
- Unaffordable housing situation
- flirting with fringe interest groups (Hillsong, Exclusive Bretheren, Bush administration)

- and of course....workplace reforms that overwhelmingly works in employers' favour

May the australian public vote responsibly.

Monday, August 13, 2007


To explain the change in my profile pic, have a look at this website. Addictive isn't it? Well? What are you waiting for? Go on, get yourself Simpsonised! You know you want to...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

What a Massive Duh!

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Who was enlightened by the cat-out-the-bag moment blabbermouth Brendan Nelson experienced today giving us the goss that securing oil resources may have been a contributing factor in Australia's role in Iraq?

No, really! Get out!!!! Are you serious? So there weren't any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?! So we didn't give a crap about regime change?! So we weren't mad because Saddam made AWB executives look stoopid!? It wasn't about exacting revenge justice for the Kurds!? So it wasn't about bringing democracy to the Iraqis!?


I wonder if this is going to make one iota of a difference in the outcome of this years election?

*Translation: No shit Sherlock

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mondays. Don't like 'em.

Pretty self-explanatory post.

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Suitable I can has cheezburger pic:

You said it ginger and white cat with the glazed eye look.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

ROTFLMAO! cuz I bee lovin theez lolcatz!

My latest distraction... Tread with caution though, these lolcatz make time fly.